Test Results

The results shown  are median standardized test scores for the past year. Grade Equivalent (GE) Scores are used to determine the grade level proficiency of a student's reading, writing and math skills. National Percentile Ranking (NPR) examines how the students compare to other students across the nation.  (To be updated.)


Teacher Involvement

 Student/teacher ratio is approximately 14:1.

Small class sizes alone will not guarantee a child’s education will be superior, however, our exemplary teachers go above and beyond, striving to deliver interesting lessons that ensure curricular content is well-learned rather than merely checked off a list of state standards.  


Classroom Technology

iPads - Macbooks - Google Chromebooks - Smart Boards

The days of lecture only lessons are gone. Children live in a world where information is freely available online.  Love for learning still exists in all children, but it needs to be reinforced with hands-on activities and technology. Hope Lutheran School offers students the opportunity to work with a variety of different devices at all grade levels to enhance their learning experience and build real-life skills.


Religious Studies

Continuing Christ's Mission to Make Disciples 

We wouldn’t be a Christian school without daily devotions and religion classes. At Hope Lutheran all children are taught God’s word. It permeates each subject and is not confined merely to daily classroom devotions, the religion period, or weekly chapel services.  Working through the Word, the Holy Spirit plants and nourishes faith in the hearts of Hope teachers and students. The demands of God’s law are realized, but more importantly, the saving Gospel offers comfort.  Children are urged to make the very best use of their God-given abilities. Through our teaching, we try to prepare them to become responsible stewards of the unique gifts God has given them, and in so doing, the Holy Spirit enables them to lead a joy-filled Christian life that becomes a thanksgiving to God.